Release of FAPEC Archiver 22.0 – codename “Merganser”


Today, DAPCOM has released the new version of our propietary, high-performance, professional, staged data compressor: FAPEC Archiver 22.0 (codename Merganser).

Anybody can request and download free evaluation licenses, and for the first time, free perpetual decompressors can be downloaded.

It includes several exciting features:

  • New professional stage to compress Kongsberg’s MBES data, including their brand new KMALL (and KMWCD) files, as well as .all and .wcd files.
    • FAPEC achieves the best compression ratios in the market for those files.
    • You can find more information in our brochure.
  • New image compression algorithm, CILLIC (Context-Interpolation Lossless and Lossy Image Compressor), supporting greyscale, colour and hyperspectral images in various coding formats (including Bayer pattern). It offers lossless, near-lossless and lossy options.
  • New compression algorithm for multi-channel time series, Wave, offering lossless and near-lossless options. It is ideal for audio and radio-frequency (RF) data, for example.
  • New ultra-fast compression core, FASEC, for extremely fast lossless compression of single- or multi-dimensional time series or images. It can achieve compression (and decompression) speeds well above 1GB/s on a modest laptop.
  • Our usual professional stages: FastQ (genomics data), Tabular text data (such as CSV or some LIDAR and point cloud formats), LZW and improved FAPECLZ for text data, etc.
  • On-the-fly generation of basic compression statistics for each data chunk and file, which can be extended to perform quick statistical analyses on the data.
  • Multiple file and directories archival (up to 8 million files or folders), keeping dates and permissions.
  • Multi-threaded operation.
  • AES256 and XXTEA-based encryption.
  • Public API to integrate FAPEC compression or decompression in your C/C++ software.
  • Python and Java bindings, to programmatically use FAPEC from your Python or Java code.
  • Integration in HDF5 and FITS.

The codename Merganser comes from the red-breasted merganser, which is claimed to be the fastest duck. We chose a duck name due to the release number and date (2022-02-22), which contain a lot of ducks.

You can get your personal copy of FAPEC here, where you can choose between a 30-day evaluation license to test the compressor, or the free decompression program.

You can find more information on FAPEC here.