Release of FAPEC Archiver 19.0



FAPEC Archiver 19.0 is out!

Today, DAPCOM has released the new version of our propietary, high-performance, professional, staged data compressor, FAPEC.

This version, called FAPEC Archiver 19.0, is the first public version in the sense that anybody can request and download free decompression or evaluation licenses.

It also includes some exciting improvements with respect to the previous release, such as:

  • New professional stages: FastQ (genomics data), Tabular text data (such as CSV or some LIDAR and point cloud formats), Kongsberg’s water column data.
  • LZW stage and improved FAPECLZ stage for text data, offering excellent ratios and outstanding decompression speeds on log files.
  • On-the-fly generation of basic compression statistics for each data chunk and file, which can be extended to perform quick statistical analyses on the data.
  • Multiple file and directories archival (up to 8 million files or folders), keeping dates and permissions.
  • Multi-threaded operation.
  • AES256 and XXTEA-based encryption.
  • Public API to integrate FAPEC compression or decompression in your software, available in C for now (Java/JNI and Python bindings are in the making).

Get your personal FAPEC copy here!