FAPEC 2016.0 Released

DAPCOM has released a new version of the FAPEC data compression software. This release features several improvements and optimizations, including better resilience to data corruption. FAPEC 2016.0 provides lossless and lossy compression options with good ratios and speeds on almost any kind of data and computing platform.

FAPEC offers excellent lossless compression ratios under almost any circumstance with very low consumption of computing resources. It is especially suitable for space communications, although it can be applied to any communications channel and environment, specially those requiring the handling large amounts of data in a short time. Overall, FAPEC offers a better performance than the standard used in space communications (CCSDS 121.0) and it is much more powerful when many outliers are present in the data.

FAPEC is available as a command-line executable program for Linux, Windows and Mac, including 64-bit platforms. It is also available as a software library easy to integrate in other software platforms or file formats.

Key aspects

  • Satellite instrumentation and images, geophysical probes, radiotelescopes, large-scale science projects, radars, genomics…

  • Monochrome, colour and many-band images (lossy or lossless), including professional photography in raw format

  • Raw video (lossy or lossess), including HD video.

  • Text data, such as web files and huge log files.

FAPEC is extremely efficient, achieving excellent compression speeds even in low-range computers.