First Earth Observation images compressed by the new FAPEC-CILLIC algorithm onboard ESA’s OPS-SAT

The European Space Agency (ESA) launched OPS-SAT on 18 December 2019 into a circular, polar orbit at 515 km altitude.OPS-SAT is a technology demonstration nanosatellite based on the cubesat standard. The satellite is only 30cm x 10cm x 10cm, but it brings powerful technology and instrumentation onboard, such as a fine Attitude Determination Control System, […]

Gaia EDR3 bulk catalogue available in FAPEC format

The Gaia group at the University of Barcelona (IEEC – ICCUB), in cooperation with DAPCOM, has published an alternative copy of the bulk data files from Gaia EDR3 – the Early Data Release 3 from Gaia. Gaia EDR3 was published yesterday, 3rd December 2020. Besides the on-line catalogue, bulk CSV files were also made available […]

Grants to attend Barcelona TechnoWeek on nanosatellites

DAPCOM is offering student grants for the registration to the 4th Barcelona TechnoWeek, a one-week crash course on nanosatellites organized by the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona given by international experts in the field. Each of these grants will cover 300€ (75%) of the registration fee. Please contact us at before 30-May 17:00, […]

What is FAPEC?

Here at DAPCOM you have some pages presenting or describing what is FAPEC, such as here, here, in some of these publications, or in this flyer. But to make it short: What is FAPEC? And which are its benefits? FAPEC is a data compression algorithm implemented as a software application. That is: we simply reduce the […]