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Data compression

Highly efficient data compression solutions including our FAPEC technology and customer-tailored implementations.

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We are experts in High-Performance Computing, massive data processing and Big Data projects.

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DAPCOM goes beyond their excellent data compression software by providing tailored and integrated data handling solutions. They proved a deep know-how and expertise when it comes to efficiently move your data around, supported by clear documentation and communications.

Dr. Alfons Nonell Canals
Dr. Alfons Nonell CanalsCEO (Mind the Byte)

We outsourced to DAPCOM the design and implementation of the data compressor for one of our payloads, owing to their know-how on this subject. I was very pleased with the transparent and agile communication with the team, their technical rigurosity, on-time delivery, and the quality of the results that were aligned with expectations.

Oleguer Nogués-Correig
Oleguer Nogués-CorreigSenior Hardware Engineer GNSS RO Payloads (Spire Global UK Ltd.)

Thanks to FAPEC we were able to reduce the required disk size for processing large stack of SAR data without increasing significantly the computation time.

Javier Duro
Javier DuroCEO (Dares Technology S.L.)