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Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia
Esteve Terrades, 1
08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona


DAPCOM on TV (La 2, "Tinc una idea")

DAPCOM appeared yesterday on the TV program "Tinc una idea" ("I've…

New FAPEC stage for tabulated text data compression

DAPCOM is about to release a new version of the FAPEC data compression…
Spire satellite

Spire Global uses FAPEC technology

During the past few months, DAPCOM has worked with Spire to adapt…

FastQ Genome Compression

After a intensive R&D program and in collaboration with the Distributed…

DAPCOM participates in the IESE BTTG program

BTTG is an initiative launched by IESE MBA Students in order…

ESA BIC Inaguration

On-board Payload Data Compression Workshop (OBPDC)

DAPCOM has participated in the On-Board Payload Data Compression…

DAPCOM - ESA Business Incubation

DAPCOM Data Services has been one of the companies selected to…

BLE Space event

DAPCOM has participated in the conference BLE\&SPACE

Space, an asset of humanity

DAPCOM has participated in the conference Space: an asset of…

Monitor for GAIA SOC

Cesc Julbe, DAPCOM CEO, delivering to Dr. Uwe Lammers the Touchscreen…