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Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia
Esteve Terrades, 1
08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona


New FAPEC stage for tabulated text data compression

DAPCOM is about to release a new version of the FAPEC data compression…
Spire satellite

Spire Global uses FAPEC technology

During the past few months, DAPCOM has worked with Spire to adapt…

FastQ Genome Compression

After a intensive R&D program and in collaboration with the Distributed…

DAPCOM participates in the IESE BTTG program

BTTG is an initiative launched by IESE MBA Students in order…

ESA BIC Inaguration

On-board Payload Data Compression Workshop (OBPDC)

DAPCOM has participated in the On-Board Payload Data Compression…

DAPCOM - ESA Business Incubation

DAPCOM Data Services has been one of the companies selected to…

BLE Space event

DAPCOM has participated in the conference BLE\&SPACE

Space, an asset of humanity

DAPCOM has participated in the conference Space: an asset of…

Monitor for GAIA SOC

Cesc Julbe, DAPCOM CEO, delivering to Dr. Uwe Lammers the Touchscreen…